by Unlucky

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Something more personal for the children


Check this out, yo

[Verse 1]

Aye yo, I wrote this one about you
And this goes for anybody who doubts you like I do,
Cause all those things that you value
They’re gonna get you nowhere, trust me I knew
That you were the creative type, and a little different
But that’s not how it works in this world that we all live in
Money needs to be made for a place inside this system,
I need you to get good grades like high distinctions
Just be realistic, I know you’re bright
But you gotta do this work whether its somethin’ you don’t even like
So drop the mic, I don’t know why you even write
You can’t recite till this dawn reaches this own night

Come on! That's right


It’s Expectations!
It’s Expectations!
It’s Expectations!
It’s Expectations!

[Verse 2]

Yeah okay, well I’ll write this one back at you
And this goes for anybody who can’t do what I do
Cause all those things that I value,
They’re gonna get me somewhere, trust me I knew
That I was the creative type and I’m a little different
And that’s how it works in this world that I will live in,
But people are afraid to embrace what they are given,
This education prison, it’s all a competition
To pay commission,
So listen,
If I may have your permission,
This stressin, is messin, and pressin
On my own decisions,
But you ain’t worth my time
So I would rather you just keep your distance!

Aye yo, check it out!


It’s Expectations!
It’s Expectations!
Ohhhh! It’s Expectations!
Man oh! It’s Expectations!


(Break down)
It’s Expectations… (x5)

Come on...
Yo, check out the bass



released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Unlucky Melbourne, Australia

Straight edge, hard alternative rock/hop hop band from Melbourne, Australia.

Walid Shahin
Kosta Tsourdalakis
Kristina Tsourdalakis

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